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What You Need to Know About Electrosonic's Technology Master Planning

Apr 23, 2019 5:40:48 PM Editorial Team

In today’s digital economy, technology is a necessity in order to effectively compete in an increasingly global environment. After all, the digital economy is all about delivering immersive experiences. Experiences that are impossible to deliver without the right technology in the right places.

Taking it a step further, organizations need to be able to strategically maximize their investments. And, the best deployed tech investments start with a well-crafted plan that focuses on getting the most out of today’s tools, while keeping a keen eye on how technology and its utilization continues to evolve.

This new reality is the driving force behind the Electrosonic approach to helping clients effectively invest in tech-based projects known as Technology Master PlanningTM. As a key differentiator for Electrosonic’s Technology Design Consulting, the proprietary Technology Master Planning methodology seamlessly overlays an integrated technology framework into the architectural design, fostering collaboration and creating connections that save time, money and optimizes resources.

Utilizing this process, Electrosonic serves as a single point of coordination and accountability to maximize the use of technology across multiple disciplines, while leveraging our unparalleled team of highly certified specialists.

Understanding the Process

Understanding Electrosonic's  technology master planning process.

Bottom Line

A Technology Master Plan provides guidance to deliver memorable experiences to your customers, acting as a technology guide to address current and future needs. Electrosonic leverages over 55 years of expertise integrating technology with storytelling to deliver innovative solutions and integrated experiences.

Through continued refinement of our process, we can create innovative experiences by seamlessly fusing architecture, storytelling and technology through our proprietary Technology Master Planning process.

Technology master plan serves as an overlay to facility blueprints.

Each phase takes the whole picture into consideration and involves close collaboration between our master planning team and all of key project stakeholders. The master planning team brings together the right skills for the project. It is coordinated by an Experiential Technology Advisor and includes specialists in Acoustics, Audiovisual, Information Communication Technology and Security, Surveillance and Access Control Systems. 

Interested in learning more about Electrosonic's Technology Master Planning process? Download the white paper for more details. 


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